The Goddess of Fertility – Ceres in Taurus

People with Ceres in Taurus are practical and hard-working, humble, old-fashioned and emotional. They are loyal and have a great sense of responsibility. They can also be very stubborn, and tend to stick with their principles no matter what. This makes them great protectors and providers for those they love. They are able to be very grounded, but they can also go through bouts of depression. This is because, like the goddess of fertility, they go through a lot of highs and lows in their life. This is a good thing, but it’s important that they can learn to balance their intense happiness with their more grounded qualities.

In a chart, the house that Ceres occupies Ceres in Taurus shows a part of your life where you must deal with these fluctuations, or where you’re most likely to experience them. This could be your relationship with your parents, your partnership or the areas of your home that you’re most connected to, including the family you live in and the relationships you have with your siblings. It could also be the area of your chart that relates to how you nurture others – whether it’s through teaching, healing or taking care of children and pets.

The symbol of Ceres is the wheat plant, and she was a goddess who brought prosperity to humanity by growing food and crops. This is a very grounding and earthy planet, but it’s also a very creative and expressive one too. People with this placement like to work with their hands, and often find satisfaction in making or building things for themselves. This could include gardening, cooking or crafting, but it’s also possible that you have a gift for visual arts, such as drawing, painting or sculpture.

Your relationship to nature and to the earth is also influenced by this placement, as well as your ability to express emotions through the creative arts. It’s also the sign of motherhood and of being a parent, so you might have to deal with issues in this area too, or your relationship with your own children.

As a deity, she was a symbol of fertility and abundance, but she was also a powerful force for change and transformation. Her story is about highs and lows, and her link to Pluto – which represents darkness and death – shows you where you’re most likely to encounter those fluctuations in your life.

This sculpture by Bernini shows her in the grip of Pluto, and it’s this image that is most indicative of the power play she enacts in your chart. It can show you where you must deal with people, situations or organisations that take what you’ve worked so hard for – and then leave you with nothing in return. It can be a tough one to manage. The good news is that you can learn to balance the highs and lows by working on your sensitivity, and by having some balancing and stabilising qualities in your own life too.