The DOL’s New Rules Could Lead to More Lawsuits For Driveaway Autos

Whether you’re moving from one part of town to another, driveaway autos can make the process go smoothly. The drivers are a full-time employee of the transportation company that employs them and provide a personalized level of service. Additionally, driveaway services are often able to negotiate shipping prices with professional drivers.

Drivers are full-time employees of the transportation companies that employ them

While the DOL’s rules won’t make drivers employees, they will likely result in increased regulations and protections for workers, including minimum wage and overtime pay. They also would require companies to provide health insurance and paid time off. Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak says the changes could lead to broader litigation on the issue, forcing companies to implement new practices.

While many drivers have only high school diplomas, others have earned bachelor’s degrees. In fact, one in two transportation drivers did not attend college. Those with college degrees typically earned business or criminal justice degrees, with less common degrees in general studies.

They are considered long-haul truckers

Driveaway auto transport is a unique shipping method that involves driving an automobile from its origin point to its final destination. It involves professional drivers who are certified to transport vehicles from point A to point B. These drivers have extensive knowledge of the operation of various types of vehicles. Their jobs typically involve long travel distances and enclosed spaces. They may also need to make additional trips after the delivery of the final car.

Driving a long-haul truck means spending a lot of time away from home. While some drivers may drive on weekends, others are on the road for weeks or even months at a time. This driveaway autos work schedule means sacrificing time with family and friends and missing special occasions.

They offer personalized service

If you need a car rental, driveaway autos are a convenient option. Unlike conventional car rentals, these services allow you to keep your personal items and pets in the car’s trunk. Additionally, these companies will handle all the licensing and permits needed for your vehicle. They also have trained drivers who are familiar with handling equipment.

Driveaway services also offer personalized service. Drivers will pick up and drop off your items at a specified location. Additionally, you can arrange for a designated driver to take your vehicle to a specified destination. The level of service offered varies depending on the company. Some providers offer additional services, like towing and transporting your personal items.

They are unregulated

In the early days of driveaway autos, the business operated unregulated. Drivers and owners would ignore customer requests and often abandon cars destined for transport. In fact, some of these businesses even rented out the cars that were scheduled to be moved. In 1963, however, the Interstate Commerce Commission (I.C.C.) recognized driveaway autos as a transportation service and began a legal crackdown on these unprofessional practices.

Most driveaway auto services have a driver who must be licensed and tested. Drivers must pass background checks and drug tests. Failure to pass a drug test or fail a DUI can result in the loss of a CDL license. The drivers may be full-time employees, contract workers, or part-time independent contractors. They must possess a basic driving license.