The Best Outdoor Buggy Storage Solutions For Strollers and Buggies

Storage solutions for strollers and buggies are an essential investment for any business, centre, club, or institution that welcomes young children and families. An outdoor buggy shelter provides a safe, secure, and convenient place to store the equipment that parents, guardians, or children bring along with them to your venue, so they don’t have to keep it with them at all times. This type of specialised parking facility can also be used for bikes, scooters, toys, and multi-use activity items.

Strollers and buggies are expensive pieces of equipment that can be difficult to transport or carry in a car, and they can be very large in size. Leaving them unattended on the ground in a public space exposes them to weather elements, which can damage or degrade them over time, and is not recommended for health and safety reasons. Storing a stroller in a shed or garage is not a good idea either, as it can make the area cluttered and messy and can be difficult to access.

Many parents decide to store their strollers and buggies in a shed or the back of their vehicle, but this can be problematic if the garage is full of other items and equipment such as tools, gardening supplies, or bicycles. It can also be a fire risk if the stroller is near other items with metal components. In addition, it can be very cold or damp in the shed, and this can cause mould or other issues.

There are a number of other outdoor buggy storage options available, and you should consider what is the best option for your circumstances. Some people choose to use a pram bag, which is designed to protect the fabric and plastic parts of the pram from dirt, debris, and water. The bags are typically made of waterproof materials, and they are a convenient solution for those who don’t have a garage or garden shed.

You can also purchase or build a stroller shed, which is similar to a bike shed and can help to protect your pushchair from extreme weather conditions or thieves. If you do decide to go with a shed, it is important to ensure that the structure is well-built and has a lockable door so that nobody can gain access without your permission.

Another option is to use a wagon, such as the Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Beach Wagon, which has a spacious storage area and can hold up to 100 pounds of gear. The wagon can be ridden in three different ways, and it is designed to navigate sandy or grassy terrain with ease. It can even accommodate folding chairs and umbrellas, making it an ideal solution for storing a stroller at the beach or other recreational areas. This wagon is also easy to break down, and it can fit in a trunk of a car for simple transport. It is available in a variety of colours, including pink and yellow to suit any preference.