The Best Heras Fence Tarps

Heras fence tarps are ideal for any construction site that needs privacy, security or to obscure visibility on the construction work being done. They also provide great promotional space for a building company or contractor logo, making them very popular in the construction industry. The heras fencing screen covers are a great alternative to hoarding panels and can be used again on different projects, unlike hoarding which is usually a one-off use product.

The best heras fence tarps are made from robust materials such as polyester air mesh, PVC netting or fire retardant heras fence tarpaulins, making them strong and durable in all weather conditions. They can be used to cover existing temporary fencing, providing a professional look and allowing branded advertising space, or as standalone barriers or enclosures for events, parks, and other projects that require barricading, defence, partition, or shielding.

Our Heras Fence Banners are printed on a high-quality, tough polyester mesh material for maximum durability. They are eyeleted and pre-cut to fit a standard heras fence panel, so they can be easily attached using plastic cable ties. These heras fence covers are commonly used at construction sites, to keep the public away from unsafe areas of a building project or event, but they can also be used in schools, gardens, fields, prisons and anywhere else that requires temporary fencing for safety or organisation.

The heras fencing tarps contain thousands of tiny holes that allow wind to pass through them, which reduces their wind-loading and makes them less likely to blow over than standard vinyl banners or other advertising signage. This means they can be placed in a wider range of locations, without needing to worry about planning permission in city centre locations like other advertising signage or hoarding panels. They can even be used repeatedly on the same construction site, saving time and money for your business. They are easy to clean too, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth, making them perfect for construction or event use. Our plain Heras Fence covers are also available, which maximise visual blockout and provide privacy to your construction or event site, without letting in any light.