Scheduled Pickup and Delivery Services

In most industries, offering pickup and delivery scheduling services is a key part of customer service. Pickup and delivery scheduling services make it easy for customers to get the products they need when they want them, without needing to come to a store or wait around at home for deliveries.

However, coordinating delivery and pickup appointments takes more than just a spreadsheet and the whims of your dispatcher. You need to plan pickup and delivery stops, including collections (such as returns) and reverse logistics (like collecting packaging for reuse). And you need to ensure that each one of these interactions fits into your drivers’ existing schedules.

The good news is, smart routing software makes it easier to schedule and track orders. Rather than manually planning deliveries and routes, you can use intelligent software to automatically optimize the best route for each driver. This helps you save time, reduce fuel costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re a retailer selling products through your online shop, a restaurant delivering food from your kitchen or a 3PL operation managing shipping and fulfillment for contracted businesses, a smart pickup and delivery scheduling solution will help you achieve your business goals. You can offer flexible pickup and delivery windows, improve on-time delivery rates and increase the profitability of your operations.

In addition to improving service levels, smart pickup and delivery scheduling also reduces the risk of missed deliveries and increases customer retention. With automated self-scheduling, your customers can easily select a delivery date and time that suits them, which eliminates the need for a representative to contact them. This can help you improve your on-time delivery rate, which is a performance metric that measures the percentage of deliveries fulfilled by the scheduled date and time.

A self-scheduling system that matches your fleet capacity with customer availability can reduce delivery delays, as well as cut operating expenses and warehouse storage costs. This can be especially important for business deliveries, where the goods waiting in your warehouse represent unrealized revenue. It can also help you avoid re-scheduling and the associated delays, if your trucks have to return to the depot at the end of their day due to overextending their hours of service clocks.

The right pickup and delivery scheduling software can also help you improve your delivery performance, with features like on-time delivery (OTD) monitoring. This metric measures the percentage of your delivered goods that arrive at the destination by their promised date and time, helping you understand and address any problems with your fleet or driver performance.

With a smart delivery scheduling system, you can use analytics to spot bottlenecks in your supply chain and reduce delays. By breaking down elements like loading and dwell times, on-time delivery and number of deliveries, you can gain actionable insights into your delivery KPIs and make improvements that will benefit your customers, business and bottom line. For example, if you identify a high rate of customer-not-at-home failures, you can explore options to increase the availability of your deliveries, such as premium services that include 2- or 4-hour windows and white glove delivery services.