Irish Pub Etiquette – What Men Can Do to Gain Her Attraction

Paul Leongas is an award winning writer and journalist who covers international news. He has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK. Paul is married with two children. He was a rugby player for the Auckland Blues as well as a rugby league player for Otago. He enjoys talking about the rugby league, his family, love of Ireland and of course beer!

Paul Leongas Irish pub etiquette

I always try to get involved in conversation when I see a group of men drinking out of a brown paper bag and behaving badly. In fact I would like to see it as the perfect illustration of what is wrong with modern society, especially in the pub. It is not nice to see people throwing bottles at each other, fighting or even just chatting without manners, let alone being involved in a bad language.

Some men think that they are exempt from following any rules of the society. They believe they know better how to act and how other people should behave. They think they are exempt from paying the price that ladies of the old days paid for being treated in a proper way. Let’s hope that is changing in future.

I have noticed over the years that men sometimes feel the need to stick their heads above the parapet in order to look cool and be in position to attract a mate. If you have ever been on a pub quiz show or a game show and watched the men around you trying to appear important and the ladies around you trying not to look foolish, then you understand what I am talking about. Not only do these men appear to be desperate for attention but they often forget to pay the women they are constantly harassing with attention. How terrible for these women!

If you see a group of guys who are all standing around talking in their own little groups, ignore them. No one cares what you think, what they sound like or even what you have to say. If you are trying to pick up a girl by approaching her, stop and stare at her for a few seconds so that she can make some connections. If you have a crush on that guy over there, all you have to do is lean in close and whisper a little bit so as to turn her on.

I have noticed in my travels that men tend to over-do this kind of thing and just engage in very crude or dirty talk. Don’t do it! She will come back to you when she realizes that the amount of talking is not so much out of genuine interest as it is simply to entice her to take you as a friend. This is one of the most important tips I can give to young male travellers.