How to Give a Great Massage

Massages are an excellent way to relax and improve your overall wellbeing. They also provide relief for some medical conditions and may help prevent certain injuries.

A great massage can lift your mood, help you sleep and encourage better digestion. It can also be used to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as reduce symptoms such as pain and nausea from chemotherapy.

The right touch makes a big difference to your experience of a massage, so it’s important that you feel comfortable and safe throughout. A good massage therapist will take time to talk to you before the massage begins and make sure that you feel at ease.

Before your session, it’s a good idea to tell the therapist about any health issues or medications you may be taking, so that they can tailor the treatment to suit you. They will be able to advise on the best type of massage to give you.

Whether you’re a beginner or have had a few massages before, here are some tips for giving a great one:

Be patient and use steady, even strokes. This will ensure that the pressure is applied evenly and the person gets the most benefit from the treatment.

Apply a little oil or lotion to the skin before you begin your massage. This helps to hydrate the skin, reduce friction and help your hands glide over the body more easily.

You should also try to avoid using a lot of pressure; too much force can hurt the patient, rather than helping them. If you aren’t sure if your pressure is too high, feel for any tightness or tensing in the patient’s muscles or for difficulty breathing.

Choose a quiet, private room to massage in. Keep the room tidy and free of clutter, such as piles of laundry or other items that could distract you from your massage.

Get the person you’re massaging to lie down on a bed or in a spot on the floor that’s comfortable for them. You can put a towel or sheet over them to cover them during the massage.

If you don’t have a bed, set up the table in a separate room with plenty of space so that you can move freely during the session. This will make the session more relaxing and comfortable for both of you.

Ask the person you’re massaging to lie on their side, as this can be the most comfortable position for them to receive the treatment. This also allows you to use your elbows to massage the sides of their legs, and is helpful if they have knee or ankle problems.

Once they’ve positioned themselves, you should give them a good, deep massage. You can use your fists, knuckles, thumbs or forearms to massage specific parts of the body, depending on what the person is looking for.

Focus on the areas that need attention, as you move over them in short, fluid strokes. This will allow you to reach all the muscle groups, as opposed to just one or two at a time.

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