3 Top Lifespan Supplements

The best longevity supplements click here have been around for a long time. They were first used in Japan for many decades ago to slow down the aging process. Japanese samurai warriors reported that drinking resveratrol allowed them to live several years longer than others of their age. Resveratrol is found in red grape skin, and the substance has become the subject of much research. Because of its powerful antioxidant properties, resveratrol has great anti-aging properties.

In today’s society, many of us are taking a number of medications every day. Most of these medications are designed to do one thing to fight the symptoms of a wide variety of diseases. Although they can accomplish this task, they often have a side effect that is much more severe than the original problem it was meant to combat. Take heart disease for instance. If you take a cardiovascular medication that is intended to treat and prevent heart disease, but it also keeps you from fighting free radical damage in your body, over time you may start to suffer from premature heart failure, a heart attack, or even a stroke.

One of the best longevity supplements on the market is curcumin, which comes from the spice turmeric. It has proven anti-inflammatory properties as well. Scientists have found that curcumin helps to protect the body against the effects of estrogen. Many women take turmeric supplements to reduce the possibility of breast cancer. Since estrogen is believed to contribute to breast cancer, curcumin may be a helpful tool in the fight against aging.

The last of the three substances included in this article is l-carnitine. Research has shown that taking supplemental l-carnitine has a positive effect on preventing the degeneration of brain cells that occurs with age. Taking l-carnitine does not stop the clock from ticking, but it does slow it down.

When looking for the best longevity supplements, look for products that contain ingredients like allicin, resveratrol, and melatonin. All three of these ingredients have been proven to extend life. They are also considered dietary supplements. If they are approved by the FDA, they are considered safe. The biohacking technique used to create them, called bioelectrical charging, has been shown to promote the production of all three.

Of course there is no magic bullet when it comes to extending your lifespan. Still, with the right combination of dietary supplements, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, you can live a good healthy life well into your old age. Resveratrol, bivouacking, and l-carnitine are a great place to start. Consider adding another ingredient to your list of best longevity supplements.